Vinha Grande - Rosé Wine

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Casa Ferreirinha, Douro
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Vinha Grande - Rosé Wine
Producer Notes 2015

100% Touriga Nacional.

The wine
Vinha Grande Rosé is one of the most recent additions to the Casa Ferreirinha range. Its combination of aromatic intensity and fine acidity gives it extraordinary elegance.

Touriga Nacional grapes were hand-picked in the higher vineyards of Quinta do Sairrão (Cima Corgo), selected for quality both in the vineyard and on arrival at the estate’s vinification centre. They were crushed in a pneumatic press, and the free run juice was separated from the first pressings. The juice was left to settle at a cool temperature for a considerable period, and then alcoholic fermentation was induced by selected yeasts at controlled temperature between 12ºC-16ºC.

Between fermentation and final blending, the potential components of Vinha Grande Rosé 2015 were tasted many times over in order to choose the ideal wines for the final blend. The wine was then clarified and bottled and stored in our cellars before shipping.

Harvest Year
The 2015 viticultural year was dry throughout most of the growing season, March particularly so, with about half the average rainfall for the region. Between April and May, the average temperature was above normal, with three heatwaves, and then in June and July temperatures were over 40ºC, which affected on the vines and the ripening of the grapes. These factors together meant that the vegetative cycle was between one and two weeks ahead of normal, depending on the area. In September rainfall was higherthan the regional average, and this helped balance the last stages of ripening, especially for the later varieties. Picking started therefore in the first week of September. By the end of their ripening period the grapes had very good, well-balanced levels of sugar, acidity and phenolic compounds.

Tasting Notes
Very pale in colour and intensely aromatic, with floral notes predominant, especially violet, hints of basil, and touches of pear and melon, resin and cedar. It has excellent, fresh acidity, good volume and floral and peachy flavours. The finish is well balanced and persistent. A perfect aperitif and goes well with light fish and seafood dishes, salads, pasta and white meat.
This wine is delicious from the moment it is released. The bottle should be stored in a horizontal position in a cool, dry place away from direct light, at between 10ºC-15ºC. No need to decant. Ideally it should be opened a little while before serving to allow it to breathe and show at its best. Serve cool, between 8ºC-10ºC.

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