Protos reserve - Red Wine

Tinta del país.
Protos, Ribera del Duero
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Producer Notes:
Give yourself the gift of this jewel that has spent 18 month in barrel and at least 24 months in bottle.

Look at: Its deep cherry colour. Sniff: Black fruit reminiscent of vanilla, forming a complex, elegant bouquet.
Its taste: The Wood-Wine coupling will leave a velvety sensation in the mouth, besides an extremely long aftertaste, so characteristic of a Protos wine.
Degrees: 14 º Total acidity: 5.2 g/ l in tartaric Volatile Acidity: 0.606 g/l in acetic pH: 3.65 Serving temperature: 16-17 ºC

Food pairing
Poultry: Hen à la pepitoria (with almond saffron sauce), roast or grilled fillet of duck breast, stewed duck thighs, stewed or stuffed chicken thighs, roast duck, stuffed turkey, turkey stuffed with truffles in sweet wine, roast duck confit, chicken à la pepitoria and chicken in sauce.
Meat: Sirloin steak brochettes, roast kid, lamb stew, veal cheeks, pork chops, coal-roasted lamb and veal chops, roast lamb and suckling pig, rib eye steak, veal stew, roast suckling lamb, stewed tongue, stewed pig's trotters, braised veal sweetbreads, stewed knuckle, coal-roasted pig's snout, oxtail, veal ragout, kidneys with Sherry, roasted sirloin steak.

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