Bairrada Wine Region

Bairrada Wine Region

The Bairrada Wine Region is located in the province of Beira Litoral, which extends between Águeda and Coimbra, up to the dunes of the Atlantic coast.
The vineyards, the mountains, the river and the sea accentuate the charms of this region, which covers eight municipalities: Águeda, Anadia, Aveiro, Cantanhede, Coimbra, Mealhada, Oliveira do Bairro and Vagos. When it comes to wine production, the Bairrada region is one of the few Protected Designations of Origin (PDO) in Portugal that does not have sub-regions.
It is also a region known for its roast suckling pig and firm red wines.



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Types of Wine and Grape Varieties from the Bairrada Wine Region

The winemaking tradition is rooted in the territory of Bairrada, which produces some of the noblest wines in Portugal. Produced from quality grape varieties, such as Baga in reds, or Bical in whites.
Bairrada was one of the first regions in Portugal to produce sparkling wines and is, even today, considered one of the most important regions in the country when it comes to the production of this type of wine.
The predominant red varieties in this region are Baga and Touriga Nacional. In white, Maria Gomes, Bical, Arinto and Cercial prevail.

Red Wines: reds from this region are known to be garnet to ruby in color, gaining brownish nuances with ageing. They have a fruity aroma when young, evolving with age to more complex aromas and a harmonious flavor where their solid structure stands out.

White Wines: they are wines with a heavy citrus color, sometimes with greenish reflections, with a fruity aroma when young. They have a harmonious, fresh and persistent taste.

Rosé Wines: known for having orange to reddish colors, with fruity aromas. These rosés are made from different varieties, the most common being Baga. The acidity in this type of wine is high, leaving a great freshness in the mouth.

Sparkling Wines: made using the classic method or bottle fermentation, they can be brut, dry or semi-dry, and most of those produced in Bairrada are brut. The younger sparkling wines have floral or fruity aromas and the older ones have aromas from prolonged contact with the lees from the second fermentation.


Terroir of the Bairrada Wine Region

The characteristic soils of this region are clayey, limestone or sandy. As far as the climate is concerned, it is temperate and marked by a great influence from the Atlantic Ocean. Winters are cool, long and rainy; summers are hot, although they are softened by the presence of west and northwest winds.



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Pairing Bairrada wines with food

The red wines from Bairrada harmonize with strong recipes, as are some of the typical dishes of Portugal, such as: cabidela, goat, alheira and roast suckling pig.
The white wines from Bairrada make a good pairing with goat cheese, octopus risotto, grilled sardines and appetizers in general.
The Bairrada sparkling wines are ideal to accompany the region's gastronomic specialties, such as the tasty roast suckling pig, fresh fish and seafood dishes, and the exquisite convent sweets.