Casa Ermelinda Freitas

Casa Ermelinda Freitas was founded in 1920 with Deonilde Freitas, followed by Germana Freitas and more recently by Ermelinda Freitas. Due to the disappearance of her husband, Ermelinda decided to continue the company with her daughter Leonor, who ended up taking over the leadership of the company, ensuring that female management remained.

In the beginning, wines were sold in bulk, without brand. Later, the decision was made to create their own brands and that was how, in 1997, Terras do Pó Red was born: the first wine produced and bottled by the brand.

Currently, Casa Ermelinda Freitas has 550 hectares of vineyards in Fernando Pó, in the Palmela region.

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Picture of Dona Ermelinda - Red Wine
Dona Ermelinda - Red Wine is a wine produced in Portugal, in the Península de Setúbal region, by Casa Ermelinda Freitas. It is made with Cabernet Sauvignon, Touriga Nacional, Castelão grapes.
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