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José Maria da Fonseca, Península de Setúbal
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Domingos Soares Franco - Verdelho

Domingos Soares Franco is the younger brother in the sixth generation of the family that has run José Maria da Fonseca since its foundation in 1834. As both Vice-President and senior winemaker of the company Domingos has become a prominent figure in the field of Portuguese winegrowing.
He was the first Portuguese national to graduate in Fermentation Sciences (Viticulture and Oenology) from the University of California in Davis, USA. This achievement is important in the influence it has had on his view of vines and wines: although intending to maintain the distinctive features of Portuguese wines he is constantly looking to the future, seeking innovation whenever possible. Labelled “Domingos Soares Franco Private Collection”, these are all varietal wines. They are the result of three factors: his studies at Davis, the influence of his uncle and his access to 650 hectares of José da Fonseca vineyard and the diverse grape varieties planted there – a unique collection in Portugal. This collection serves rather like a palette of colours in the hand of an artist; allowing Domingos to experiment with a number of grape varieties.
With the same enthusiasm and passion with which he has developed his latest oenological experiences, he presents again the Colecção Privada Verdelho 2011 much in the style of what he has tasted in his trips to Australia.

Vintage Information
Classification: Regional Península de Setúbal
Type: White
Grape varieties: Verdelho
Region: Península de Setúbal
Type of soil: Clay-Lime

Tasting Notes
Colour: Yellow citrus
Aroma: Floral (orange tree flower), mineral, apricot and a little of green asparagus and lantanas
Palate: Fruity, very soft and balanced Finish Long

Fermented must in stainless steel at 18ºC

Alcohol 13.5 %

Serving suggestions
Should be served at a temperature of 8ºC and consumed at 10ºC.
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